Why You Should Take This Course

  • To give you the confidence to take control of your own financial future.

  • To enable you to truly understand the investments that you own, or are being offered by your advisor!

  • Because the CIC is a course like no other in Canada.


The Financial Literacy Learning Centre Inc. (FLLC) has spent years developing this course after listening to the increasing demand for knowledge that can give true financial freedom and confidence. This Course complements Canada’s “Task Force on Financial Literacy” which was originally launched by Canada’s former Minister of Finance, James Flaherty.


The FLLC is STRICTLY in the education business.


What are some of the KEY lessons you will learn;

  1. There is much more to investing than your local bank branch
  2. Putting together an investment portfolio that suits you
  3. The Investment Industry; who are they, how do they get paid?
  4. There is investment “life” beyond Mutual Funds
  5. How to save hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees and tax deductibility
  6. Do I have enough to retire; how much must I save?
  7. Plenty of class discussion, great for novice and experienced investors
  8. Profitable types of portfolio strategies fully explained
  9. Am I or my advisor/planner currently doing what is right for me?
  10. Learn how to safely generate high tax efficient income and potential growth from your portfolio.
  11. One powerful indicator that warns of a potential recession and housing slump.
  12. What is a Financial Advisor?  What is a Financial Planner?


The Canadian Investors Course puts your interests first. This is NOT a free course where you are served cocktails and finger food and sold on the latest ‘hot’ financial product. You are strictly receiving education! No more no less. You will be empowered with the knowledge that every mature Canadian investor needs to know but very few have had the opportunity to learn.

The Canadian Investors Course gives you the confidence and knowledge to talk to your advisors in a way that they will recognize that you are an informed investor. It will open your eyes to how many different types of Investment Professionals there are in Canada and that there are MAJOR differences. You will gain the power to have more control over your money and how it is managed. Remember no-one cares about your money as much as you do.  You owe it to yourself to be educated enough to make the right decisions. We are pleased to be one of the few organizations in Canada who offers you the opportunity to do so.

By “clicking to the CIC course, you will land in the course section of the Local Wealth Professionals website.  Take the course at your leisure.  We recommend to first download and print the slides, and use them to take notes as you watch the instructional videos.  We are certain that you will learn something that you never knew before and hope to save you from making a mistake, or helping you get out of one.

How do we make money?  Nothing is free.  We look for Local Wealth Professionals across Canada that have a minimal number of years of experience, and are fully licensed and can practice all the investment techniques, and have access to all the financial instruments mentioned in this course.  By doing this, we eliminate over 90% of the Investment industry!  You deserve the Best!  Every town or region of Canada has a few of these Advisors.  Many times they are hidden.  When was the last time your Bank had advertising discussing their IIROC licensed Advisors.  In most cases, NEVER.  What is an IIROC Advisor?  Go to one of our lessons on the Investment Industry and fees to learn Everything.  These advisors DO NOT pay us for referrals.  We continuously mentor these Advisors to assure the highest quality.

If you would like to connect with an advisor in your area please to to the Postal Code section of LocalWealthProfessionals.com , input the required information, then we will email to you the advisor’s contact information.  The advisor will NOT receive your contact information, it will then be solely up to you to contact them.  Your privacy is very important to us.