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Although I would consider myself a novice investor the course gave me a tremendous amount of knowledge and boosted my self confidence in the subject. The online presenter was fantastic – incredibily knowledgeable and enthusiastic.Mrs T.G.

I learned so much. I only wish it lasted a few more sessions. I am going to I work through the online videos for a second time to let all the useful information really sink in.Mrs. B.K Port Credit

I found it very educational. It covered all of the fundamental concepts of investing in a step by step, comprehensive manner. The best part was all of the real examples that were used that made it much easier to relate to and understand the material. Well worth the time I spent.Mr P.A

I loved the tools that we learned to use, and that the class was up to date with where the market and economy is today. I love the way the presenter explained and illustrated the real factors that affect the markets.  I have taken so much away from this course -I only wish it lasted longer!Mr. K.L. Burlington

I found the course content excellent, the delivery of information professional, and was amazed at the teacher’s level of knowledge. I would definitely recommend it.Mrs. J.T Mississauga

I was pleased to find a course that was honest and independent in the way it was presented. The presenter really let you see the industry from the inside out. It is exactly what is said in the advert. ‘This is unbiased education, no more and no less.’ (and I am glad to say no-one was trying to sell you anything!)Mr. S.T. Oakville

I have gained a lot more knowledge on investments and learned that some of my current investments can be changed to benefit me in many different ways, to save me money and get me a better return for less risk. I have gained the confidence to start to invest outside of my RRSP for the first time.Mr. A.T. Milton

This course has really opened the door to my understanding of the market and how it works. I will strongly recommend it to my friends and family.Ms. W.A. Mississauga

I thought I was an experienced investor but I was shocked at some of the things I learned. The course helped me see the big picture and will make sure I don’t repeat some of my earlier mistakes -and avoid ones that I probably would have made in the future. This course will certainly save me money. I like the way it appealed to experienced as well as fairly new investors. It exposed me to investment fundamentals but in a way that I really understood this time around.Mr M.T.