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The Canadian Investors’ Course is a comprehensive step by step guided insight into the investment industry and how it affects you. It is suitable for beginners right through to knowledgeable self-investors.
The Canadian Investors’ Course is offered through The Financial Literacy Learning Centre Inc., and provides investors with a comprehensive understanding of the investment products, securities and fees available to Canadians and a complete understanding of all the players in the Investment Industry in Canada.



The course is divided into 16 online video tutorials (approximately 20 minutes each)


Overview & Introduction 
Session 1:Income Investing - short term
Session 2:Income Investing - medium and long term
Session 3:Introduction to Equities
Session 4:The Economic Cycle
Session 5: Simple Financial Planning
Session 6: Financial Planning Continued
Session 7:The Investment Industry
Session 8:The Investment Industry: Fees
Session 9:"Packaged" investment products
Session 10:"Packaged" investment products, continued
Session 11: Options
Session 12:Investment Portfolio Construction
Session 13:Investment Strategies
Session 14:Investment Strategies: Rules Based Investing
Session 15:Measurements
Session 16:Investment Psychology


Lots of Real Life Examples – Explained in Plain English 

About Our Instructors: All of our course instructors are hand-picked industry professionals with a minimum 15 years investment experience, who are passionate about teaching what they know.


Who Takes Our Course? Most of the participants will be people just like you. Many because they know they need to learn more about the world of personal finance and how it affects them. They may be retired or working professionals, they may be housewives or semi-retirees, they may be widowed or divorced, they may be contemplating life on a fixed income, or responsible for the proceeds of an inheritance or an estate, or simply curious to know more about how they can take care of their own financial interests in the years ahead. In any case they will have come to the right place; The Canadian Investors’ Course


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